Nominate Person to Write Baton Message

Who deserves the honour of writing the Ras yr Iaith message in the 2016 Baton?

The Chaired Bard, Ceri Wyn Jones, wrote the message for the first Ras in 2014. The message was in the form of an englyn. As the Ras finished in Cardigan, Ceri’s home town, in that year Ceri was an obvious choice. But this year’s message need not be written by a person with a close association with Llandeilo, or any of the other towns along the route.

So, who would you like to nominate?

The person need not be a poet – they could be a campaigner; performer; sports person; artists or even a politician.

Baton Ras yr Iaith

Baton Ras yr Iaith

The message will be places inside the Baton and passed on from hand to hand from the Ras’s start in Bangor on Wednesday morning 6 July to the very end, 24 towns later, in Llandeilo on Friday evening 8 July. The message will then be read as part of a special ceremony and evening of entertainment and celebration Newton House.

So, if you’d like to suggest somebody we’ll be very glad to hear from you. The closing date is 1 June so that we can give the lucky person time to write an appropriate message for such an important event.

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