The Ras Route

The 2018 Ras yr Iaith will be held over three days between Wednesday and Friday, 4 – 6 July, 2018.

The race’s stretches will be confirmed and placed here very soon:

Day 1 – Wednesday 4 July:

Day 2 – Thursday 5 July:

Day 3 – Friday 6 July:

The Ras will run at an average speed of 9km an hour (6 mph) – a easy enough pace. The runners will be told before hand what time they are expected to be at the relay point and at what time the baton will arrive to make the change. The Ras runs through the centre of towns – a combination of the high streets and quieter back streets. There is no running between towns – the Ras Baton is driven from town to town in the Ras vehicles. The Ras is open to runners of all abilities but all runners must be healthy and not suffer from any heart defects. We would like to emphasise, that all participants must run in the Ras – we do not allow walking nor riding a bike.

A forward vehicle will ensure the runners are in the correct place and on time for the run. The Ras van will make enough noise and create plenty of ‘hwyl’ so that the runners and the general public will be aware that Ras y Iaith is on its way! We will appreciate the support of experienced runners who can run several km with us to act as stewards and be time-keepers for the run – please contact us. Runners are protected at the back by the Ras Minibus. Our medic, Dr Richard Edwards of Aberystwyth will be in the minibus at all times.

We will be loading maps of the route of the Ras over the next week or two – keep an eye on this site and follow us on Twitter (@rasyriaith) or Facebook for the latest updates.

We’ll be uploading the maps as they are confirmed by the authorities.

S4C BT Cronfa Loteri Fawr Prifysgol Aberystwyth Sefydliad Cymunedol Mentrau Iaith Cymru Cyngor Tref Aberystwyth Llaeth y Llan

Derbynwyd cefnogaeth arbennig i’r Ras gan: Fentrau Iaith Gorllewin Sir Gâr, Penfro, Maldwyn, Conwy a Dinefwr a hefyd mudiadau Hunaniaith, Y Dref Werdd, Canolfan yr Urdd Glan-llyn a’r Sesiwn Fawr.