Buying your Kilometer

It costs £50 to sponsor 1 kilometer – this is the minimum, but organisations are welcome to raise more for the Ras. When you sponsor a kilometre you help make the run happen and show your support for investing your money in the health of the Welsh language, physical health and health of your local community.

You can down-load the form and fill in yourself and send it with a cheque to your local Ras representative or directly to Ann Joyner at Cered‘s office in Felin-fach. Cheques should be made payable to Rhedadeg Ltd (the not-for-profit company which administers the Ras). Here’s the form to download: Ffurflen Gofrestru Saesneg

The long-term aim of the Ras is that the profit made from the event will be reinvested in the Welsh language in the form of grants. Ras yr Iaith will be a sign of entrepreneurship and ‘can do’ ability by supporters of the Welsh language.

Unlike the majority of runs which see individuals being sponsored, Ras yr Iaith’s sponsorship is based on societies, clubs and schools. That’s because speaking a language is a community activity and languages need communities to thrive.

If you would like to run then why not ask your club, school or society to sponsor a kilometre? Or, why not sponsor as a family or a group of friends? Once you’ve sponsored your kilometre then you’re free to continue running for free!

You can also run and have raise sponsorship as an individual. This may be easier for you than going through a club or society and may especially appeal to those who wish to run several kilometers! Again, we ask that you contact Steffan, Ann or the crew at Cered so that they are aware of your intention – a simple email or call would do. Here’s the from: Ffurflen Noddi Unigolyn RyrI dwyieithog 2014

Our intention is to see thousands of people stand on their feet and run for the Welsh language!

To Sponsor

You can eithe contact the Cered office at Felin-fach or get in touch with the local Ras co-ordinator. We will put the names of the local contact online in the near future.

The money raised will be plaid to Rhedadeg Ltd. which is a not for profit company established for the sole purpose of holding a run for the language. The money raised will go straight into the holding of the event and any profit made will be given back in the form of grants towards promoting the use of the Welsh language.

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Bydd ras yr iaith Wyddeleg, @Rith_Gaeilge eleni, 11-17 mis Mawrth, o Béal Feirste (Beffast) i Ciarraí (Ceri, yn y D……
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Derbynwyd cefnogaeth arbennig i’r Ras gan: Fentrau Iaith Gorllewin Sir Gâr, Penfro, Maldwyn, Conwy a Dinefwr a hefyd mudiadau Hunaniaith, Y Dref Werdd, Canolfan yr Urdd Glan-llyn a’r Sesiwn Fawr.