Health and Safety

The health and safety of those taking part in the Ras as runners or supporters is of the uttermost importance to the organisers of the run. We’ve been in discussions with the police and road authorities. Ras yr Iaith has also made use of the ready and kind advice of our Celtic cousins who organise the Irish An Rith as Northern Ireland shares the same laws and regulation as Wales. We will ensure the run is safe in terms of the route and organisation. Once the details of the route have been confirmed with the authorities we will prepare clear guidelines for runners and supporters.

Guidelines for Runners

All runners must be of standard fitness and able to complete the designated sponsored kilometer(s) without great difficulty. This is a sponsored run and not walk.

Remember to ware suitable clothing for the day. If the sun is strong wear a cap and apply sun-cream to your skin. Wear shoes or trainers which are suitable for running.

Inform yourself of the route you will be running. This is the Ras yr Iaith route plan.

Listen and comply to the advice and instructions given to you by the Ras Running Stewards and from the Ras Vehicle.

Keep a sensible distance (at least 5 meters) between yourself as runners and the Ras Vehicle. This is to ensure that you will not come to harm if the van is forced to stop suddenly and to avoid you inhaling exhaust fumes. It will also allow the general public to have a better look of you as runners and enjoy the spectacle.

Make sure you do not run out onto the road in anticipation of the Ras vehicle arriving. Keep within the width of the Ras vehicle whilst running and do not cross over to the oncoming lane.

Ras yr Iaith 2018 Event Management Plan - This plan will make sure that all matters relating to health, safety, and the well-being of those taking part in the run will be of the highest standard. We will insist that all those taking part in the organisation of the Ras will read the document once it has been prepared. For a copy of the full version of the Plan please email

Policy for Disabled People – The Ras joyfully welcomes people with a disability to play as full part in this event.

Child Protection Plan – The run will ensure that the safety and protection of children taking part in Ras yr Iaith will be of the highest order. Guidelines will be given before the Ras.

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